Harvey’s Nightmare Dream Sequence | The Music of Harvey Beaks

April 16, 2015 - In music, you’re only as good as your influences. What I lack in formal musical training, I make up for with a considerable knowledge of the “right” types of strange/experimental/beautiful/frightening music of composers & artists before me. For Harvey’s nightmare sequence from the “Anti-Valentine’s Day” episode, it was only appropriate to reference the master of stringed tension/horror: BERNARD HERRMANN. Particularly, something that felt like his gorgeous score to ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S 1958 film, Vertigo. What I did is a pale imitation of the what The Master would do but it was fun to even attempt to think the way he would. If you’re interested in hearing the real deal, look up the nightmare scene from Vertigo (or the opening title sequence) on youtube. 

- Ego 

tl;dr- Listen to Bernard Herrmann’s music, not mine.

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