Harvey Beaks | Opening Theme [Extended] (Q: What do DEVO, OINGO BOINGO, & BAUHAUS all have in common?)

April 13, 2015 - I have a clear vision of my teenaged self in the early 90′s riding a bus after school doodling the logos of my favorite bands on my school books & folders. The DEVO logo was simply their four disjointed letters and a red “Energy Dome” hat. The OINGO BOINGO logo was this cool skull with a cowboy hat & cigarette. BAUHAUS had the best logo with this enigmatic geometric profile of a face (That one was the most fun to draw). 

These bands, and many others, were reminders of what was most important to me at that point in my life. The members of these groups and the music they made existed on some distant holy plane of unobtainable cool. They were almost unreal to me. They were, and are, my heroes and sources of constant inspiration. 

As a grown-up, I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with some of my musical heroes. In the worst cases, they’ve been dismissive and rude, but in the best cases, They’ve become mentors and dear friends. So this year when I was recording the main titles to Harvey Beaks, I thought to myself, “Why not ask some of these guys to perform on it?” Over a week’s time in January 2015, I was able to put together a Bizarro World super-group that featured members of DEVO, OINGO BOINGO, and BAUHAUS to perform on my 30-second opening theme! David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets) on bass guitar, Steve Bartek (Oingo Boingo) on acoustic guitar and sitar, and Bob Mothersaugh (DEVO) on electric guitar. I also tried to enlist David Lovering of the THE PIXIES to play the drums; but alas, scheduling didn’t permit it. 

I’m very aware of how difficult it is to be successful in this business and I have to pinch myself constantly when I realize I’ve been able to follow through on some of the whims of my childhood. My goal is still to make an impression on young people with MY music, the same way these guys did for me. And I am grateful to Steve, Bob1, and David J for playing such an important role in my upbringing, and now being a literal and permanent part of my music! 

Hail! Hail! Rock n’ Roll! 


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