Episode 03 (64 min) 

The Great Disease was mighty and the people were sick everywhere. 

It was an epidemic, it floated through the air. 

Soldiers died on the battlefield, died in the towns too. 

Captain said to the General, "I don't know what to do."      -Blind Willie Johnson, 1929

INFLUENZA BLUES! Pestilential Music inspired by the Pandemic of 1918? The first song ever sung by a computer in 1961? Perfect Pop songs from a tiny dog named K.K. SLIDER? ARMENIAN SURF ROCK from BELGIUM? Cartoony Hardcore music from the DEAD KENNEDY'S? Hardcore Cartoony music from CARL STALLING? YES! All this & more on the latest episode of RADIO LAZARETTO.

Hosted by: EGO PLUM 

(Running Time: 64 min)