The Music of Harvey Beaks  

August 1, 2019: Last night, on the eve of the premiere of my cartoon series Harvey Beaks, I found myself walking down Vermont Blvd. in Silverlake looking for nice stationary. I walked in to this hip home decor store and…

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"The Finger" I The Music of Harvey Beaks  

One of my favorite cues I've written is the one that plays behind the scene where Miriam explains to Harvey that, "some things are just too big for us... and that's okay." This episode teaches us to accept those things…

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The Harvey Beaks Orchestra, 2015

This last week, Team Harvey Beaks flew to Seattle, WA to record music for the current and upcoming season of our show. We recorded with 60 MUSICIANS! A full symphonic orchestra worth of world-class talent from Seattle's Philharmonic and the…

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