Rage Against The Michelle | The Music of Harvey Beaks

December 26, 2017 - We have gone from full orchestras with choirs to minimal electronic and everything in between on Harvey Beaks but on tonite’s new episode, “Rage Against the Michelle,” I got to touch on my love of rock and heavy metal. The music on the opening title card is mostly an homage to Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) but by extension, also a tribute to Black Sabbath and doom metal bands like SLEEP and High On Fire. These are the bands that Michelle Beaks will one day grow up and listen to. 

I love how much how much we were able to experiment musically on Harvey Beaks. I often wonder if this type of freedom and risk taking will every exist on the future shows I work on? I hope so. But we will always have this wonderful show that C.H. Greenblatt created to look back on fondly. Enjoy the final set of premieres this week! I will be posting a bunch of new videos over the next few days.