June 2, 2016 - Harvey Beaks is returning in a very BIG way this month. Starting Monday, June 6th, we will be premiering BRAND NEW EPISODES every weekday at 5:30 PM FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH. This includes the final episodes of season one AND the premiere of season 2! There’s the STEAMPUNKS hour-long special and it’s a musical! A MUSICAL!!! Also, the birth of Harvey’s little sister! Oh, there’s an episode called ALONE which I consider one of my favorites of the entire series. It’s a very exciting time for Harvey Beaks and I intend to make many updates throughout the month with behind-the-scenes videos, music, and more! 

While Harvey was away the last few months, I discovered some amazing work by the talented musical fans of our show and listened to many cool mashups, remixes, and the occasional re-envisioning of my Harvey Beaks theme on YouTube. I LOVE THIS STUFF and would like to encourage more of this type of behavior. In fact, this inspired me so much that I DECIDED TO MAKE MY OWN MASHUP OF THE HARVEY BEAKS THEME. (It will probably get deleted by the powers-that-be so enjoy it while it’s here) 

I was originally planning to mashup my theme with the pioneering industrial/noise of Throbbing Gristle, or Einstürzende Neubauten, but I completely sold out and decided to use a Katy Perry song instead.  After all, the only way to be subversive nowadays is to ride in a pop culture Trojan horse. One must subvert from within! 

Behold: Harvey Beaks Theme vs Firework by Katy Perry! 

Ego Plum 

PS - I want to thank all the people that have been loyal to Harvey Beaks. This is ‘the little show that could’ and I’m grateful for everyone that has stuck by it. The best is yet to come!

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