Father & Son | The Music of Harvey Beaks

December 23, 2015 - When I sat down with C.H. Greenblatt to spot the episode “Yampions,” I was initially excited by the idea of writing some Renaissance/Baroque style music with electronic instruments; channeling my inner J.S. Bach by way of Wendy Carlos or Jean-Jacques Perrey. In the end, I ended up being most proud of a simple two-voice cue where a dejected and rejected Irving Beaks sits alone on his porch before being comforted by his guilt-ridden son. 

I’ve become a victim of my own sentimentality in my old age. These understated/reflective moments seem the most important to me now as a composer— especially when they resonate personally and make me think of my own relationships with people I love (with my dad, in this case). The challenge for me then comes from funneling and harnessing my emotions, as opposed to channeling a certain style or sound. It isn’t always easy but its wonderful when it can come close to successful.  -Ego