“On the Whims of Fancy Flight” | The Music of Harvey Beaks

March 1, 2017 - Ocean Promotion was a really exciting episode to score. I always wondered what was beyond the trees of Little Bark and this episode finally showed us. I wanted to write something special for this is what I came up with. Fun Fact: After paying musical homage to Andy Partridge so many times, I finally spoke to him and asked him to sing this very song. Sadly, he was unavailable but it’s fun to imagine what it would have sounded like in his voice. Regardless, i’m proud to have my voice accompany a string orchestra on this episode. Enjoy! 

have you been to the clouds? 
have you seen fireflies going counterclockwise? 
have you climbed over mountains? 
for the view at the top and the new kind of pop? 
have you felt burning snow? 
and its shivery blaze lighting up the air ways 
for the self-assured recalcitrants  on the whims of fancy flight 
and their feisty wings will pull at your strings 
and I wouldn’t put up a fight. 
no, I wouldn’t put up a fight, 
I’d let you go.