“Sum of Many Parts” | The Music of Harvey Beaks

September 28, 2016Little Little Bark is one of my favorite episodes from the second season of Harvey Beaks. I rate up there with The Finger, Day of No To-Do, and Alone.  I wrote and sang this little acoustic song for the opening which in retrospect seems to be about mental illness and obsession. Half the lyrics are in reverse. 

Musically speaking, “Sum of Many Parts” is an homage to the Andy Partridge (From the band XTC) and has subtle similarities to the mood of “Another Satellite” from 1986’s Skylarking and the lyrical phrasing of “Statue of Liberty” from 1978’s White Music. Andy Partridge is one of our greatest living songwriters and someone who has had a tremendous influence on my music. He is graceful wordsmith and the perfect architect of chords & melodic phrases that can only come from a diet of proper musical influences: He shares a musical bloodline with Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Brian Wilson, Ray/Dave Davies, Jeff Lynne and others. His musical progeny include people like Damon Albarn (Blur), Thomas Walsh (Pugwash) and many others.  I consider myself a disciple of his and cannot help but model myself in his musical image, time and time again. 

One day I’ll make a post (with examples) of all my proper influences for the music I write on Harvey Beaks. Many are rather specific!  -Ego

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