Episode 04 (77 Min) 

Ego Plum pays tribute to the great Ennio Morricone and features music inspired by the maestro's work from WALL OF VOODOO, ADAM AND THE ANTS, DEVO, THE FIBONACCIS, PIXIES, SNAKEFINGER and more. In addition, an homage to the eccentric genius…


Episode 03 (64 min) 

The Great Disease was mighty and the people were sick everywhere. 

It was an epidemic, it floated through the air. 

Soldiers died on the battlefield, died in the towns too. 

Captain said to the General, "I don't know what to


Episode 02 (73 min) 

1970s DEVOTIONAL MUSIC from Australian Nuns with drum machines? KOJI KONDO's brilliant 8-bit ragtime from 1995's YOSHI's ISLAND? 1970s Electro from WEST AFRICA? Easy Listening Casio Reggae from JAPAN? Solo music from the DEAD KENNEDY's very own KLAUS FLOURIDE? Plus…


Episode 01 (88 min) 

Electronic music made from paper... From 1932... AND from the Soviet Union? Dutch experimental music from the 1950's? Theme songs from forgotten cartoons? Raymond Scott's most jarring electronic works? Synth themes from Disney's 1982 cinematic failure TRON? A tribute to