Two Squares


Ego Plum

TWO SQUARES was a 10 page children's book originally published in 1922 by the Soviet artist/architect EL LISSITZKY which told the story of how two squares (one red, one black) transformed the world. Although the story was constructed mostly of simple geometric shapes and angled text blocks - it remains to this day one of the most powerful expressions of revolutionary Communism, modern art design, and typography. El Lissitzky has influenced generations of artists, and in the world of music has influenced the visual aesthetics of acts like KRAFTWERK, BUZZCOCKS, FRANZ FERDINAND, and now to an even bigger extent, EGO PLUM.

Plum's latest musical release is a tribute to El Lissitsky's seminal children's book in which Ego obsessively composed original songs for every page of the book. The CD features 10 frenetic, almost-danceable pop/punk abstractions built from mobius strip-like drumming intersected by angular guitars & basses. These cubo-futurist anthems are over-layed with melodic, somewhat agitated, and sometimes synthesized pro-revolutionary vocal polemics that ring with the red idealism & hope that many had hoped died with the times of El Lissitksy and the Soviet Union, but are strikingly poignant and relevant today. Musically, the closest counterparts would be the work of post-punk rockers such as GANG OF FOUR, DEVO, CARDIACS and early XTC, but Ego Plum's musical interpretation of About Two Squares lives clearly in a world of its own and requires it's own genre: Progressive-Minimalism, DISCOmmunism, or Cubist Punk.

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